Midryasi were born in winter 2002 near Varese, Italy by the twisted minds of Guanera, Convulsion and Sappah with the aim to create a heavy sound inspired by Doom and Psychedelic Rock, having in improvisation the main source of inspiration. The name Midryasi is a scientific term that refers to the pupil spreading in hallucination, emotional or death state to reflect the heavy, dark and psychedelic soul of the band. In 2005 Iron Tyrant Records released a remastered version of the band’s demo. In 2007 Guanera left the band and was replaced by Paul P. at the guitars. In 2008 the song Another Hell Within was released on a split 7" with Doomraiser. In the same year the band appeared with the track Hissybilum on the Heavy Psych Italian Sounds compilation, featuring all the best of the bustling Italian Psych, Doom and Stoner scene. In 2009 was released Corridors: the first proper full length album, broadly acclaimed, is a deep sight on Midryasi's realm of uncontaminated madness. During the last 5 years the band played many gigs in Italy and abroad, in festivals as Stoned Hand of Doom, Miodi and Doom over Vienna. On February 2013 is scheduled to be released the new album - Black, Blue & Violet - a new creature of the crazy saga begun 10 years ago. Along with the music, the artwork is conceived by the band itself as a further proof of originality and creativity. Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Celtic Frost, Pentagram... Progressive Rock. Midryasi's most amazing feature is the skill to sound like all of these bands and none of them at the same time and to mix doomy, psychedelic and extreme influences without any fall of coherence nor personality. The band, the vision... Midryasi sound like Midryasi... for every Black Sabbath Heavy Rock fanatic!!